Collect it. Connect it. Show it to the world.
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Collect It

Catalogue and manage your collection online with eHive.

Connect It

Connect your collection using tags, comments and communities.

Show It

Show your collection to the world with simple publishing options.

Create records

Catalogue your collection using screens tailored for all object types, including art, social and natural history.

Link digital images to your records.

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Share online

Create a profile page where people can learn about you and your collection.

Publish your records or keep them private within your account. 

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Search and Tag

Search and browse all published content on eHive.

Tag and comment on records.

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Join in

Join or create communities to form links with similar organisations or like-minded collectors.

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Instantly access new features

Access new features as soon as they’re released – no need to perform complicated upgrades.  

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Protect your data

Ensure your data is securely stored with eHive’s automatic data backups.

Download all or subsets of data at any time.

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eHive copyright disclaimer

It is the responsibility of the eHive Account Holder to gain copyright clearance for any images or content published on eHive. If you are concerned about the copyright status for any content in eHive or would like more information on using or ordering copies of content, please contact the Account Holder of that content. If you would like more information on our copyright policy, click here.

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