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atc athletics auckland "auckland transport club" audiovisual "audiovisual technology" australia "australian rules football" "australian stockmans hall of fame staff" automobile aviation "aviation uniform" baby badge bag balderston "ballarat vic" bananas bank banknote barnstaple baron beach "beaconsfield gold mine" bed "bedroom suite" bench "bendigo vic" "bernards harwich clothing royal navy" bibliographies bideford "bideford bridge" "bill hutson" biographies biography bird birds bisque "bisque collection" black "black and white" blacksmith blacktown "blacktown city art prize" "blanche buckland gorrie" blinkco blouse blue boarding boat boats boeing book bookcase books bottle bowl bowmar box brannam brass "bratton fleming" braunton "braunton burrows" "bray family" bridge bridges brimble brisbane "british rail" "broderie anglaise" "brodie street" "brother claude" brown "bruce yeates building" "buderim historical society" building buildings bureau "burma campaign" "burma star association" bus "bush wood" bushrangers business businesses "businesses commerce" buttons "cabin bag" cabinet caistor california camberwell camera camisole canada candlestick canterbury cap car card carnival "carrie smith collection" cars cartonography cartoon carving case "castlemaine vic" "catholic church" "cattle industry" celebration cemeteries ceramic ceramics certificate chair "champagnat library" charles chicago child children "childrens homes" "childrens play" "childrens toys" china chisel christchurch christmas chulmleigh "chulmleigh old fair" church "church of england" churches "cinema advertising" cinemas "city of greater dandenong" cityscape "civic artwork" "civic certificate" "civic leader" "civic plaque" "civil engineering" "civilian aviation" classical "classique shape" "cliff tait" clothing "clothing accessories" "clubs and associations" coaster coin "col view aj campbell collection" "col view australian inland mission" "col view eric douglas antarctic collection" "col view francis collection" "col view jack hayward lantern slides collection" "col view st johns homes for boys girls collection" "col view tangyes lantern slide collection" "col view universal opportunity league collection" collar college colour "combe martin" comedy commemoration commemorative "commemorative coin" commerce communication "communication artefacts" "community life" "community organisations services" "conservation of natural resources" construction container convicts cookery cooking correspondence costume cotton councillor "county hall" "coupe shape" craft "crafts trades" crane cream cricket crochet crockery crow croydon cup currency curtiss cutlery dairy "dairy crest" "dairy crest creamery" dairying dance dandenong dc3 "decorative arts" "decorative objects" demo demonstration "derek walker" "description and travel" desk devon "devon military" "diaries and journals" diary directories disasters dish display "display cabinet" document "documentary artefacts" documents dog doll domestic "domestic chattels" "domestic life" "doon doon" "doug manchee" downtown doyley drafting drama drawing dress "dressing table" drover "drovers reunion" dunedin earthenware eating ecru education "ef library" egypt electra10a embroidery engine engineering "engineering services" england entertainment envelope environment "environment conservation" ephemera "epping forest" "epping forest keepers" equipment europe evangelism event events excursion exhibitions exploration explorers f27 "fa rinehart collection" face "fall 2018" family "family histories" farm farming fashion "federation 1901" "female figure" "female nude" "festivals and celebrations" figure "figure study" file film fire "fire and emergency services" "fire service" "fireplace surround" "first aid" "first world war" fishing fishley flag flight flood floods flora floral florida "florida craft" "flower study" flowers flyer "flying boat" "flying school" fokker folk "folk art" folklore food "food and beverage" "food service" football "forma shape" fraktur france fremington "fruit carton" furnishings furniture gallipoli gamble games "ganges history" garden "geelong vic" "gelatin silver" "gender roles" genealogy genre "geography and travel" geology "george eastman house" germany "gillespie collection" "gippsland vic" girl glass gloves gold goldmines goldmining government "gray street" "great war" green hakaru halftone "hall robe" "hall stand" "hall table" hammer hand handcoloring handcraft handcrafts handkerchief "hart shaft" hat "hawthorn vic" health "heavy horse" "helen e downs" henderson "high street" "historic buildings" "historic recreation mid 20th century" "historic sites" "historical societies" history hof "hof staff" holiday hollocombe home homescape horse horses hospital hospitals hostess hotel "hotel dovercourt king edward vii" hotels house household "household textiles" houses "howick historical village" hughenden "human figure" huntly ilfracombe "ilfracombe harbour" illustration illustrations immigration "indigenous heritage project" "indigenous people" industry "industry commerce" ink inns "instruments measuring" "instruments weighing" interior iron italy jacket japan "japanese photography" jazz "jean batten" jewellery "john seed" jug kaiwaka kauri kawakawa "kenny ain dungain" key "kings nympton" kitchen kitchenware kiwiana knickknack knife knitting kynnumboon lace lamp landkey landscape landscapes "lantern slides" laundry "leaf mask" leather "les downey" "lesley buckland gorrie" letter leytonstone libraries lighting lilydale "limelight department" lincolnshire linen lines literature lithograph lnwr local "local government" "local histories" "local history" localities locomotive longreach "luggage tag" machinery "macrobertson international air race 1934" "main street" "male figure" "male nude" mammal man "maneroo station" mangawai mangawhai "mannering and associates" maori map maps "marist brothers school mosman" maritime "maritime museum of tasmania" "martha maclean" mask "mataura borough council" "mataura businesses" "mataura clubs" "mataura domestic life" "mataura freezing works" "mataura freezing works employees" "mataura military" "mataura paper mill" "mataura people" "mataura river" "mataura school" "mataura sports clubs" "mataura township" match matchbook matches "matterson ltd rochdale" maungaturoto "may fair" mayor "mechanical engineering" "mechanics bay" medal medical medicine "melbourne vic" "merton devon" "merton village devon" metal migrants military "military aviation" "military history" "milton keynes" "milton keynes development corporation" "mines and mining" mining mirror "miss jacy" model monochrome "monte sant angelo college" "moral tale" morrow motat "motion study" "motor car" "motor vehicle accessories" mountains multipurpose "murray bridge" murwillumbah museum "museum history" museums music musical "musical instrument" na2018 nac napkin "nathan lyons" "national airways corporation" natural "natural accidents disasters" "natural history" 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postcard pot pottery poverty "presbyterian church" president "primary schools" print printed "printing process" "produce box" "professional training" programme programs property psychology pubs qantas queensland raaf radio raf rail "rail transport" railroad railway railways "real photographic" recreation red "red cross" "regional planning" religion rggs ribbon "rim shape" rinehart river riverscape rnzaf road "road sign" "road transport" roads rochester rock rodeo roundtheworldflight "royal adelaide hospital" "royal air force" "royal visits" rugby "salvation army" sandringham saucer sawmilling scarf scene school "school grounds" schools sciences "screen prints" sculpture sea seascape "series 100 photographs 1976" "series 101 photographs 1977" "series 105 photographs 1981" "series 106 photographs 1982" "series 107 photographs 1983" "series 109 photographs 1985" "series 110 photographs 1986" "series 99 photographs 1975" "set view cameron aim mixedpartial" "set view john flynn mixed" "set view the cross series" settlements sewing "shape 25" "shapland petter" sheep shell ship shipping ships "ships shipping" shipwrecks "shire of dandenong" shirt shoes shop shops "shows and exhibitions" sideboard sign silk silver "silver chlorobromide" singing sioux sketch skilton skull "smokers cabinet" smoking "smoking accessory" snow soap "soap collection" "social history" soldiers solent "sonia sheridan" "south australia" "south georgia" "south molton" "south pacific" "southern alps" souvenir souvenirware spatterware "special event" specimen spoon sport sports "sports and recreations" springvale squatters staff station stationery steam "steel engraving" stewart sticker "still life" "still projectors" stirrer stockman stone store street student "studio photography" study "suffolk horse sale" "suffolk punch" suffrage125 surveying swimming "swimming carnival" "swizzle stick" sydney table tableware tag tahiti "tamworth historical society" "tasman empire airways limited" tasmania tbt tea teacup teal teapot tennis terracotta terrestrial textiles theatre "thomas e spencer photographic collection" "thunder egg" tie timber tin tobacco tongs tool tools topographical "torridge vale dairy" torrington tourism "town planning" townscape toys "toys games" trades tram trams tramways transport transportation travel tray trees trophy trousers truck "tweed heads" uckfield uki unclassified uniform "union airways" "united kingdom" "united states" "university of melbourne" unknownlocation "unsung heroes" vase vases vehicle velvet veterans vhj victoria victorian vip viscount visitor "visual studies workshop" "walking trails" "walsh brothers" "wanstead park" war wardrobe "wars conflicts" water watercolour wedding weights wellington "westward ho" whangarei wharf wharfe "whiddon valley" white "whites aviation" "wild flowers" "william frederick rock" "william rock" winkleigh "winkleigh airfield" "winkleigh parish" wintle witheridge "wizard of oz" wolverton "wolverton works" woman women 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