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June Farley of Whatipu posting a letter in 1940., TC8412Stafford Street South, Timaru N.Z.; Ferrier, William; 1900-1906; 2177Pattern; Elizabeth Laird (1814-1892); Circa 1850-1870; XFH.470Tapa'au, Fatu Feu'u, 1992, 1993/28/1Map - New Zealand Parcel Posting ZonesBurning of Boys College Nelson, 1/12/1904, FNJ half 115USH00652 Dennis Gannon LONERGAN1909 Merryweather fire engine, 1982.62.8Pine needle tea set Edgar Roy [Roy] Brewster's 'Norian NO RIght ANgles' house, Unknown, c. 1950s, PHO2008-075Plaster, 1880's, 1983.25.4.1Verre et Pichet, Pablo Picasso, 24/07/1944, L1999/15H&R Arms: Painted shell; John Philemon Backhouse (1845-1908) fl. 1871-1901; 1880-1886; 2009.47.1Catlins Centenary BadgeHat, 2004/0065Ceremonial adze, 1997.246The Burning of the Boyd, Whangaroa Harbour, 1809, Walter Wright, 1908, 1908/1/3Aerial View, Howick, 1972; January 1972; 00049Spoon, dessert; Potosi Silver Co; [?]; CT80.1198hSoldiers in the 1916 war.; PH2012.0030Bottle, medicine; G B Hutchins, Pharmaceutical Chemist; [?]; CT85.1682cPainting No. 1, Gordon Walters, 1965, 1966/4Newspaper, Daily News & Leader, London & Manchester, June 1914; Daily News & Leader; 29.06.1914; CT99.3028.5La Grande danseuse, Auguste Rodin, 1913, M1956/4Wandering Jew, fluminensis/Tradescantia, Botanical, Suburban garden, 2005.1006Miniature Singer Sewing Machine, Singer Manufacturing Co., 3816T. Walker's Patent Harpoon ship log., Thomas Walker & Son Ltd, After 1861, 13896Sharpener, knife; Skyline; [?]; CT81.1557bRe-enactment of Treaty of Waitangi 1940, 97/1329Samurai armour (Sendai-do no Gusoku), Muneyoshi of the House of Myouchin, 1735, FE010354Detail of decal on model 15k, Singer sewing machine, 1907Mangaweka, White  Robin, 1973, 1994-0013-1Booklets, crochet instruction; 20th century; 2011.122Napoleon I, Bertel Thorvaldsen, circa 1830, 1927/2/11Sno-cat, Tucker Sno-Cat Corporation, Circa 1954, A171.11Colonial Cottage at Cobblestones MuseumChautauqua Art Desk, Lewis E. Meyers & Co.    Valparaiso U.S.A, c1913, 20Cymbal Clapping Musical Monkey; 4Money box; New Zealand Post Office Savings Bank (New Zealander, estab. 1876); XOPO.52Hughenden Ladies Vigoro Team, 1964; Unidentified; 29 November 1964; 2011-478Butter Churn, concussion type, wood and iron, used by dairy factoryTapa or Siapo cloth,  Samoa.Collection of Te Manawa Museums TrustExterior Lid.Simpson and his Donkey; Horace Moore-Jones (1868-1922), English/NZ; 1915; 1956.045Bottle [Waterbury's compound]; Lambert Pharmacal Co Ltd; [?]; CT80.1239j1920's beaded 'flapper' evening dress; Unknown; c.1920's; 1990_978
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