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Through our collections you can explore how people in Lochbroom lived, worked, played and learned through the ages. The museum holds a broad social history collection including objects related to crofting, the sea, education and learning and objects related to the founding of Ullapool.

The Museum’s crofting collection includes both large agricultural tools and small household objects such as horn spoons and moulds. You can explore what life was like in a small crofting community and how homes in Lochbroom have changed over the centuries.

Lochbroom has always been a community with a strong connection to the sea. You can explore this story through our fishing and marine collections, including a pair of leather seaboots and objects related to the Klondyking era of the 1970s and 80s. We also have on display a wonderful collection of ship models crafted by local man Chris Howarth.

Ullapool was founded in 1788 by the British Fisheries Society. Find out more about this story through maps, plans and objects related to Ullapools past. On display in the Museum is a very special pair of pistols presented to Robert Melville, the Dunbar merchant who helped establish Ullapool as a fishing station in 1788. Explore his story and find out more about how Ullapool became the tourist town it is today.

We collect, preserve and protect the history and heritage of the Parish of Lochbroom… and use our collections in creative ways for the inspiration, learning and enjoyment of our audiences.

Ullapool Museum is committed to providing online access to the collection whenever possible.

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To make a takedown request you should email curator@ullapoolmuseum.co.uk, including the object number of the items in question.

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For up-to-date opening hours please see our website: http://www.ullapoolmuseum.co.uk/visit_us.asp

For up-to-date admission charges please see our website: http://www.ullapoolmuseum.co.uk/visit_us.asp


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Disabled Access: The ground floor (and toilet) is fully wheelchair accessible. Because of the building’s listed status, we have been unable to make the gallery accessible to those with impaired mobility. We have a screen downstairs to show the film that plays in the gallery, and archive folders from the upstairs library can be brought down on request.
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