Necktie; Neketai, green tone, Aoteraroa artist design; Neketai Ltd; Unknown; 213...


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Necktie; Neketai, green tone, Aoteraroa artist design

About this object

A box set of two neckties with the clever name Neketai. No tags, labels, or loop attached to the necktie. Probably made for the tourist market as a souvenir of New Zealand. The wooden box is made from Kahikatea timber, made by New Zealand Timber Arts.

The neckties do have a stunning pattern and bright colours.


Neketai Ltd

Date Made




Place Made

Unknown - no markings on necktie

Series Title

Aotearoa Kiwiana

Medium and Materials

Fabric of necktie: Silk/satin type fabric, bright green with sheen
Lining: black with self print dots
Interfacing: white medium guaze
Pattern: Stylized Maori motif by NZ artist


Length 1430mm
Width 100mm
Weight: 32g

Subject and Association Keywords

Men's Fashion and Accessories


Grabatology / Neckties

Object Type

Necktie / Clothing Accessories / Clothing / 03 Personal Artifacts

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All rights reserved



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