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A necktie is defined as a long piece of cloth worn around the neck, knotted at the throat and worn under the collar.
All neckties in this collection were collected to break the Guinness World Record for Grabatology - The world's largest collection of men's neckties. The Official collection has 21,321 individual different neckties.The grabatologist spent four years (2013-2017) travelling the South Island sourcing the neckties from second hand clothing shops for 50cents each. When the 10,000 mark was reached many people then donated neckties to the collection.
Clothes make the man, and the tie's status at the apex of male fashion not only enhances the man but allows him to express himself. Sporting clubs have their own tie for members. Old boys' associations, universities, colleges and regiments all uphold the dignity and privilege of wearing the distinguishing colours or crests on their identifiable necktie. Each necktie expresses individualism. It may be quiet and classical, bright and humorous or highly fashion-conscious. It sets the mood for the day or evening.

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