The Harwich Society help

The Society runs and maintains several visitor attractions within the area. It is restoring the largest ancient monument in the area, the Harwich Redoubt Fort.
It established and maintains a Maritime Museum in the disused Low Lighthouse. It also runs the High Lighthouse, the Radar Tower on Beacon Hill and the Lifeboat Museum, which is housed in the old Victorian Lifeboat Station.

The Harwich Society Visitor Centre, which is manned by volunteers throughout the summer, is located in the old Ticket Office on the Ha’penny Pier.

In addition, the Society also owns a small nature reserve, Bobbit’s Hole, which is in Dovercourt.

Sponsored by Harwich Haven Surrender & Sanctuary

Contact Details

“Foresters” 5 Church Street, Harwich, Essex. CO12 3DR

Visitor Information

Redoubt Fort. High Lighthouse. Maritime Museum. Lifeboat Museum. H'appny Pier Visitor centre. Radar Tower.

Check the website for Admission charges and opening hours


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