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Pioneer Cottage Historical Museum, Buderim, Queensland is a
Heritage-listed Cottage, a beautifully preserved timber home, which was built in 1882. It was commissioned by early European Settler John K. Burnett.
John Kerle Burnett moved to Buderim in 1876 to work at the new sugar mill recently built by Joseph Dixon and John Fielding on Mill Road and he grew sugar cane on leased land. Soon after his arrival on Buderim in 1876 he was followed by his wife Ann nee North and four children.
Today this House is Buderim's Museum, known as 'Pioneer Cottage'. It stands on a small block in Ballinger Crescent surrounded by suburbia. It was very different in 1878 when John and Ann Burnett purchased 20 acres of forest land on this site. At that time there were fewer than twenty houses on Buderim and with only three or four in the central part of the town with no shops.
The Collection reflects the rural and domestic lifestyle of the late 19th and early 20th Centuries on Buderim.
It includes Burnett Family mementos, household items, hand-made clothing, recreational items, farming, leather making and building equipment There is also an extensive photographic collection in both hard copy and digital formats.

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5 to 7 Ballinger Crescent, Buderim 4556

07 5450 1966


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5 to 7 Ballinger Crescent. Buderim 4556

Monday to Saturday from 11am to 3pm except Public Holidays

Adults $5 Children $1


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