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The Australian Catholic University (ACU) Art collection contains over 1,000 diverse artworks dating from the 13th century to the contemporary, representing a wide range of disciplines and media. Selections are displayed throughout the University.

Established over a period of 25 years, the collection reflects ACU’s growing maturity as an institution of higher learning in Australia and the wider Catholic world. Under the guidance of successive Vice-Chancellors, the collection has acquired a wealth of artistic heritage. Informed by strong Catholic values the collection pursues the spiritual and contemplative in traditional forms, and embraces modern art that captures the essence of daily university life and the contemporary sensibility.

Today, the collection is professionally managed by a full-time curator and staff, with a major focus on researching, assessing, and cataloguing this rich cultural asset. Representing a wide range of styles throughout an eclectic range of disciplines, the collection showcases Australian paintings, works on paper, ceramics, sculpture, textiles, mosaics, gold and silver smithing, glass and decorative arts, early master paintings and replicas.

The ACU Art Collection is organised into four core categories:

ACU Modern and Contemporary Art Collection - featuring modern and contemporary works by Australian and International artists incorporating Julian Meagher, Louise Tuckwell and Dan Kyle; and artists from Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander backgrounds, including Angelina Pwerle and Sally Gabori.

ACU Chapel Collection – sacred art used in the service of worship or devotion, including sanctuary lamps, tabernacles, and stations of the cross.

ACU Ceremonial Collection - presenting items including the Biccherna book, processional mace and ACU Ceremonial robes.

ACU Historical Collection – containing botanical specimens, 15th century chasubles, embroidered vestments and furniture, and art historical works by Conrad Martens.

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Australian Catholic University Locked Bag 4115 Fitzroy, MDC

Caroline Field, Curator, ACU Art Collection

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Australian Catholic University 115 Victoria Parade Fitzroy, 3065 Victoria

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