Musical Cigarette Dispenser; Selcol Products Ltd; 1950s; 18003


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Musical Cigarette Dispenser

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Hexagonal revolving cigarette dispenser in cream bakelite or plastic with incised faux-Moorish external decoration in brown and six doors with internal pockets for cigarettes. A key located on the underneath of the dispenser tightens a clockwork mechanism which is activated when a button on the top of the dispenser is pushed. The activated mechanism plays an excerpt from Johan Strauss, Tales from the Vienna Woods and opens the doors to reveal the cigarettes. The doors close 23.25 seconds after opening.

The musical movement was made by the Reuge company of Sainte-Croix, Switzerland. The company name is moulded into the winding key. The dispenser case is branded on the underside - Selcol Made in England. Selcol Products Ltd operated from 1953 to 1968 as part of Musical & Plastics Industries. Selcol also made a range of toys, vinyl records and musical instruments for children.


Selcol Products Ltd

Maker Role

Plastics manufacturer

Date Made


Place Made


Medium and Materials

Bakelite, clockwork


195mm H, 175mm W

Object Type

Cigarette dispenser

Object number


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Attribution - Non-commercial (cc) Attribution - Non-commercial (cc)

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