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Charles Henry Kerry Photographs [1857-1928]

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Gold embossed leatherette covered photograph album with gilt edges. The album contains 63 sepia coloured photographs. 54 of the images measure 200mm by 150mm and 9 measure 280mm by 230mm. The smaller images are fixed two per page. Each image has a handwritten description on the mounting board.

The locations of the photographs are mostly of the area between Stanwell Park and Kiama.

Most images have an inscription in white : Kerry Photos, Sydney and are embossed : Kerry & Co Photo 308 Geo St Sydney Copyright

The Kerry and Co, photographic studio of Sydney operated from 1890 until 1917. Charles Kerry left the business in 1912.

An inserted watercolour inside front cover is inscribed : Presented to Imlay District Historical Society by Mr. & Mrs. N.J. Artis, Jan. 1975. This book of photographs is over 100 years old

Known as Kerry and Co, the studio was one of the largest in Sydney operating from 1890 until 1917. Charles Kerry left the business in 1912. The company's photographs were popular for postcard illustrations


Kerry, Charles Henry (1857-1928)

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Nineteenth Century

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Leatherette, paper

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