Mt Kembla Mining Heritage Inc help

Mt Kembla Heritage Centre was founded in 2008 as a keeping place for Mt Kembla's cultural heritage. The collection began in 2002 on the centenary of the 1902 Mt Kembla Mine disaster.

It provides the community with a place to record and preserve our history as well as to share our unique stories.

The Heritage Centre houses a comprehensive exhibition on the Mt Kembla mine disaster which occurred on the 31 July 1902, when 96 men and boys lost their lives. This disaster remains the worst mining accident in Australia's history.

Contact Details

Box 203, Figtree, NSW, 2525

02 4271 1452 and leave a message

Managed by volunteers

Visitor Information

300 Cordeaux Road, Mount Kembla, NSW, 2526

Not open to public at present

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