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Paris Underground. The Maps, Stations and Design of the Métro.


Second Edition

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\A word-of-mouth sensation, Transit Maps of the World garnered rave reviews and offered delicious eye-candy to the many who devoured its lusciously designed pages. In Paris Underground, Mark Ovenden turns his attention to the famous Paris transit system with its inimitable Art Nouveau inspired stations and Art Deco signage. More than one thousand maps, diagrams, and photographs—historical and current—along with fascinating factual tidbits and enthusiastic, informed commentary embellish this gorgeous cultural history of the Métro’s design and construction. Transit buffs, Francophiles, and anyone who appreciates beautiful design are sure to make Paris Underground the season’s must-have volume.

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9.4"x10.9"x0.3"; 1.8 lb; 176 pages
Edition Info: Paperback; 2009-10-27


9.4"x10.9"x0.3"; 1.8 lb; 176 pages


Penguin Books

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Great Britain

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Paris Underground - By Mark Ovenden

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