1953 Velocette MAC; Velcoe Ltd; 1953; CMM67


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1953 Velocette MAC

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In 1934, Velocette enlarged the successful MOV 250cc overhead-valve engine by increasing the stroke to create the MAC 350cc engine. Although the high-camshaft design significantly reduced the reciprocating mass of the valve gear and lent it potential for tuning, the pushrod models were generally overlooked as competition mounts because of their overhead-camshaft stablemates – at least in the UK. In Australia, however, a tuner achieved more than 100mph with a 250cc MOV although it seems that the factory disbelieved the claim.

The MAC was conceived as a smooth, flexible touring mount, qualities that were enhanced through the use of an engine shaft shock absorber and automatic ignition advance-retard which, with its long stroke, provided the docility of a low-compression side-valve engine with the top end performance of a contemporary overhead valve unit. A quote from an early road test states: ‘It gives the impression of plenty of power at low speed engine revs and its response to the throttle is surprisingly good.’

In 1953, the MAC was updated with fully-adjustable, swinging arm rear suspension and the clutch and gearbox were also improved. This example was purchased for the Nelson NZ Classic Motorcycles collection from a private vendor in Derbyshire, UK, in June 2008. It is an ex-race bike fitted with a Viper exhaust pipe and race seat. It was acquired by Transport World for the Classic Motorcycle Mecca collection in May 2016.


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