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1915 Harley-Davidson 11F

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The Model 11F was equipped with the upgraded 60.32ci (988cc), inlet-over-exhaust, 45-degree, V-twin engine that Harley-Davidson developed for 1915, increasing its power output from 8hp to 11hp. The revised 'pocket valve' inlet valve gear necessitated notches relieved in the right-hand side of the fuel tank and among the 29 engine modifications was a mechanically-driven oil pump, ensuring adequate oil pressure at all times and alleviating the need for the rider to operate the hand pump to maintain pressure in the oil tank. It was also equipped with a three-speed gearbox instead of the earlier two-speed hub unit. In counterpoint to those refinements, the model year was the last of the flat-tank Harley-Davidsons.

The Model 11F was very successful, becoming the highest-selling Harley-Davidson up until that time with 9,855 produced. Part of its appeal was the fact that, while second only to the top-of-the-line 11J in retaining acetylene lighting instead of the 11J's new electrical system, it was US$35 cheaper, a substantial sum on top of the US$275 price of the 11F.

With the proven reliability of the revised engine and the advantages of the three-speed transmission, the company's racing version of the 11F was popular with customers who competed on the dirt ovals and board tracks that were popular at the time.

This magnificently presented machine was purchased for the NZ Classic Motorcycles collection in June, 2011, from a Christchurch, New Zealand, collector and restorer, who had spent many years painstakingly restoring and rebuilding it to the world-class condition it is in. It was acquired by Transport World in May 2016.



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USA, Wisconsin, Milwaukee

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Chestnut Street (now Juneau Ave)

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