1914 Royal Ruby JAP; Ruby Cycle Co; 1914; CMM222


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1914 Royal Ruby JAP

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The Ruby Cycle Company of Cannel Street, Ancoats, Manchester, UK, manufactured bicycles but began motorcycle production in 1909. The company policy was to manufacture as much of the machines on site as possible although proprietary engines from J.A.P., LMC and Villiers were used with the ‘Royal Ruby’ name on them. By 1914 the company was offering a wide range of motorcycles from 250cc two- and four-strokes to 3.5hp, 6hp and 8hp twin-cylinder machines as well as a sidecar model and a ‘Ladies Model’ with a lowered frame. They were offered with a choice of a two-speed Roc or a three or a three-speed Sturmey-Archer hub gearbox.
According to an article in the ‘Motor Cycle’ magazine describing a Royal Ruby motorcycle, ‘the machine throughout [is] a fine example of straightforward British workmanship … presenting a neat and business-like exterior.’
This example is one of only 15 known to exist and was recommissioned by a well-known New Zealand restorer in the 1970s. It is equipped with a 976cc J.A.P. V-twin, side-valve engine with a simple Almac carburettor and a Bosch magneto. It features Druid sprung front forks. It was acquired for the NZ Classic Motorcycles collection from a private vendor in New Zealand in March, 2009, and Transport World acquired it in May 2016.


Ruby Cycle Co

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UK, Manchester, Ancoats

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Cannel Street

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