Untitled (Panorama of Sydney); Sydney R. Clint 1893-1930; F557/2


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Untitled (Panorama of Sydney)

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Panoramic drawing of the city of Sydney from the harbour, with the names
of the buildings noted in graphite.


Sydney R. Clint 1893-1930

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The Clint Collection

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Pencil. H 18cm x W 51cm

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Biographical note:
Sydney Raphael Clint (1893-1930), cartoonist, landscape painter, illustrator and scenic artist, belonged to the fourth generation of Clint artists, being the tenth child and third son of Alfred Clint Junior. He was born in Sydney and received his first artistic training from his father, later studying at the Sydney-based Julian Ashton Art School. He worked as a scenic artist in the business established by his father, designing and creating theatrical scenery, Christmas displays for large department stores, and parade floats for various institutions, and continuing the business after his father's death in 1923 in partnership with his brothers. He, like his brothers, also figured in the Sydney Fine Arts scene, becoming a successful exhibitor with the Society of Artists and a contributor of black-and-white drawings to publications such as the Bulletin and the Aussie. He was always in poor health – later confirmed to be TB in remission and in 1914 with his health failing purchased a small ‘weekender’ at Lawson, NSW. He spent much of his time there and it was there he did some of his best work.

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Donor: The late Julian A. Clint, 2005

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