Sato, Takumi; circa 1996-97; PC389


The Clay Studio

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Sculpture - column - robed figure with glasses and clasped hands (monk?) atop a column; black, orange, green, blue


Sato, Takumi

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circa 1996-97

Medium and Materials

stoneware, underglaze, glaze


49.5 H inches

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Takumi Sato (1962-2006) is renowned for his Raku pottery. Raku is a traditional form of Japanese pottery that is commonly used to make tea cups and pots used in Japanese Tea Ceremonies. It is characterised by hand-moulding the clay which results in each piece of artwork being “one-of-a-kind”. 
Sato’s avant-garde artwork rebels against its traditional form; with no functional purposes it is merely a display of the artist‘s desire and interpretation. 
Takumi Sato had many successful exhibitions around the world, including Japan, New York, Australia and New Zealand. In 2001 he graduated with a Master of Fine Arts from UNSW, where he also lectured. Sato continued to teach in Kyoto Saga Art University until his death in 2006. 


The Clay Studio Collection

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The Clay Studio Collection, Philadelphia

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