Women and Plants; Hilpert-Artes, Sigrid; 1991; PC022


The Clay Studio


Women and Plants

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Vessel - large oversized pitcher with colorful painted majolica designs of woman in a landscape filled with birds, plants and fruit-baring vines; white base with gray, green, gold, blue, and purple over top.


Hilpert-Artes, Sigrid

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earthenware, majolica glaze

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Signed and dated in glaze or slip at base of handle: “S.C. Art… / 91”




20 x 12 x 12 inches

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Sigrid Artes was born in Dresden, Germany in 1953. She received her fine arts degree at the School of Industrial Design in Halle-Burg Germany in 1977. She lives and works as an artist and a conservator in Dresden Germany. She has been prominently exhibited isn Eastern Europe, Asia and the United States, and her work consists primarily of majolica, functional ware.

This piece was included in the exhibition and catalogue for the major exhibition of Contemporary Eastern European Ceramics at The Clay Studio in 1991. Curated by Jimmy Clark.


2017 ENTRY: Sigrid Hilpert-Artes was born in 1953 in East Germany. She earned her diploma in ceramics in 1977 from the University of Industrial Design. From 1979 she worked in a joint workshop together with Ursula Zänker and Karle Fulle, whose works are also included in The Clay Studio’s collection.

Artes’ oversized pitcher, illustrated with what might be considered erotic imagery, is highly typical of her work, of which there are numerous examples online. (The quantity of images greatly contrasts the lack of biographical information). The work is essentially a body of vessels and sculptures (mostly figurative) illustrated in a majolica style that fit easily into the historical continuum of the ceramic arts. In this respect, the works are not particularly remarkable, except for the occasional high note of aesthetic success, of which the piece held by The Clay Studio is one.

Artes’ work is featured in two books by Matthias Ostermann: The New Majolica: Contemporary Approaches to Color and Technique and The Ceramic Narrative. Essentially survey books, both entries are virtually identical statements from the artist: “My mother was a painter, and I grew ip in contact with many artists in the city of Dresden, in itself a beautiful place, full of treasures. All of this encouraged me to be perpetually drawing and to choose a career in the visual arts. Painting seemed less practical than potting, so ceramic studies took precedence and maiolica happily combines the two. Some of the thigs that and inspire me are the Arabian fairy tales – lively, erotic, and delicate; ethnic fabrics and carpets and woodcarving: stones, insects, butterflies, all kinds of pants; and painters Matisse, Chagall, Picasso and Gaugin. All of these serve as food for inspiration. I have no desire to portray darker contemporary realities; rather, I try want to counterbalance them with optimistic and uplifting imagery” (The New Majolica pg. 136).


The Clay Studio Collection

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The Clay Studio Collection, Philadelphia

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