Sound; Devínská, Edita; 1989; PC016

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Sculpture - square layers of porcelain vertically stacked, large holes with orange and red interiors in side walls, 3 coiled wires with clay at top and bent to side; metallic red, orange, green, white


Devínská, Edita

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porcelain, glaze


5.5 x 5.5 x 5.5 inches

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Edita Devínská is well-known Czech artist. She was born in Bratislava (which become the capital of the Slovak Republic after the formal separation of Czechoslovakia), in 1949. The artist participated in and won awards in numerous national competitions, such as Faenza, Italy, and in Mino, Japan. The artist has also been featured in national and international exhibitions representing Czech ceramics.

While it has been said that Devínská was interested in the psychological and spiritual dimensions of her work, its aesthetic and technical dimensions demonstrate the following qualities: architectural inclinations (the artist has also completed numerous works in architecture); formal and technical experimentation; an interest in the purity of porcelain accented by controlled or limited investments in color, and; a fascination with the contrast of pronounced textures and organic forms against pristine geometry and clean forms and lines.


The Clay Studio Collection

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The Clay Studio Collection, Philadelphia

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