Child, Girlfriend, Magic; Garnik, Władysław; 1991; PC011

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The Clay Studio


Child, Girlfriend, Magic

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Sculpture - abstract upright oval form, with interior shelves, 2 armatures of triangle construction protruding, rectangular slab folded around oval form as base, multi-colored, yellow, orange, blue, gureen, white


Garnik, Władysław

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porcelain, glaze


11 x 5 x 23 inches

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Born in 1937, Władysław Garnik is one of Poland’s most well-known artists, and still has an active career to this day.

Garnik’s work seems split between two major types: figurative and architectural sculpture. While both bodies of work evidence surreaslistic influences and often utilize the element of scale, the former is typically an assemblage of solid, organic masses, and his architectural works is often a complex assemblage of lattice-work, geometrical forms. The artist has been known to create these forms out of slabs made of slip that is poured in a pattern before it is allowed to set up and cut. The pieces held in the collection at The Clay Studio, are representative of both of Garnik’s intellectual focuses.

Garnik’s work is innovative yet not overcomplicated, free-spirited yet disciplined, technical but compelling. Garnik’s work is arguably some of the best of his generation in Poland and, possibly, in Eastern Europe as a whole.


The Clay Studio Collection

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The Clay Studio Collection, Philadelphia

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