Vase II; Szekeres, Karoly; 1991; PC009

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The Clay Studio


Vase II

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Vase - large, round, layered scraps, blue


Szekeres, Karoly

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23 x 13 x 21 inches

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Hungarian artist Karolyn Szekeres began his career in the late 1960s. At the time, Szekeres was very much considered part of the avantgarde in Hungarian ceramics, along with such leading artists such as Imre Schrammel, under whom Szekeres studied and collaborated with.

Aesthetically, Szekeres’ works are accomplished and demonstrate some notable technical experimentation. After completeing his studies he took a position at the Herend Porcelain Factory as an artist designer, where he worked until 2000. In addition to his studio work, Szekeres also took state commissions for large-scale murals in architectural spaces and outdoor sculptures. Heavy clay masses and elaborations/exaggerations of basic construction techniques, characterize the artists’ work. Szekeres’ work utilizes some typical features of East European ceramics, as well as its singular achievements, making his work of substantial scholarly value.

Szekeres participated in the Contemporary East European Ceramics exhibition at The Clay Studio in 1992, and participated in an exhibition there again in 1999 as part of the group "Terra," composed of 11 contemporary Hungarian ceramists. A catalog "Terra 2000" was published following this trip as was a Ceramics Monthly article from March, 2001 (see attached file).


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The Clay Studio Collection, Philadelphia

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