Lantern Slide - Rackwork Type, Chromatrope, post 1845; 1845 or later; MV.MM.3182...


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Lantern Slide - Rackwork Type, Chromatrope, post 1845

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Chromatrope lantern slide with circular white, blue and red kaleidoscope pattern.

Developed in the 1840s chromatropes are mechanical slides that create a similar effect to a kaleidoscope. An external handle attached to the slide connects to internal moving parts designed to rotate coloured or decorated glass discs. This then creates colourful patterns or scenes that move when lit from behind by a magic lantern. The patterns can then be enlarged and projected onto a wall.


Mechanical slide

Date Made

1845 or later


(MV) Francis Collection

Credit Line

Museums Victoria, Melbourne.

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