Dorothy Aitken posed with wild lilies.; Aitken, John; 2017.1.024


Mayne Island Museum


Dorothy Aitken posed with wild lilies.


Aitken, John

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Gulf Islands

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Mayne Island

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As a young man John Aitken immigrated from Lanarkshire Scotland to British Columbia in the 1880's. He married Ellen Brown from Sooke and they moved to the southern Gulf Islands, finally settling on Mayne Island. He became interested in photography and on his journey to the Klondike gold rush in the 1890's he took photographs of the Chilkoot Pass and of himself outfitted for the trip. The family remembers that he returned from the Klondike with a gold nugget for one of his daughters. Widowed in 1909, he raised his 6 children on Mayne, operating a store at Miner's Bay until 1923 when he moved to a farm where he lived until 1955. The last few years of his life were spent living again at Miner's Bay. He died in 1959.


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