Miss Crow presenting the Murray Bridge Town Hall Clock and Tower to Murray Bridg...


Justin Richards Collection of MURRAY BRIDGE, SOUTH AUSTRALIA


Miss Crow presenting the Murray Bridge Town Hall Clock and Tower to Murray Bridge, 1953.

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Miss Crow presenting the Murray Bridge town hall clock and tower with the Mayor H B White and Lady Cowan. 1953



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Murray Bridge, South Australia

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Black and white Photo

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Miss Crow presents clock & tower to the town of Murray Bridge date ...? Mr Mr H B White Mayor at the time. In doorway of town hall Mrs Vic Cromwell, Lady Cowan, first man ? 2 Mr Cowan & Vic Cromwell.


159 mm wide. 104 mm high.

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Town Hall

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Miss Crow

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Mayor White

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Lady Cowan

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Town Hall. Miss Crow. Mayor White. Lady Cowan


Murray Bridge Collection

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MB/PHO 00013

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