Timothy Bell; Joe H. Bell; 1958-1963; FNPL2016.009.001a-003


Fort Nelson Public Library - NRRM Archives


Timothy Bell

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Timothy Bell is the son of Joe H. Bell, owner of Lakeview Lodge at Muncho Lake, BC from 1958 to 1962 (burned down - Charlie Brandt was the original builder/owner of the lodge). Included in this donation are two colour photos and one postcard.

A. Front of Photograph. Charlie McDonald and Alice Bell (wife of Joe Bell) having a drink in the Lakeview Lodge.
B. Back of Photograph, handwritten notes. Reads: "Charlie (and Nellie - I missed her) at Muncho Lake. He bought Alice a beer. 1960-1963 Mile 462 Alaska Highway. No reservation for Charlie He lived in the bush with Nellie & 10 kids - 40 yr old Billy had never learned English. No treaty money for Charlie!"

A. Font of Postcard. Image of man and holding catch in boat on Muncho Lake.
B. Back of Postcard, printed text. Reads: "Muncho Lake, B.C. at Mile 462 Alaska Highway. A before breakfast catch of Muncho Lake's delicious cold water trout. Photo by J.H. Bell. Published by J.H. Bell, Bashaw, Alberta"

Photo of Joe H. Bell on steps of Lodge holding up a fish. Sign reads: "Lakeview Lodge - Modern Rooms"


Joe H. Bell

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Muncho Lake, BC

Place Notes

At the Lakeview Lodge.

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Fort Nelson Public Library Archives

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2 Colour Photographs
1 Colour Postcard

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