Laughing Waters Road : art, landscape & memory in Eltham; Woollard, Jane; 978099...


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Laughing Waters Road : art, landscape & memory in Eltham


Woollard, Jane

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Laughing Waters has been a source of inspiration for many artists and designers, and was a natural extension of the dynamic art and lifestyle movement that began in the 1930's at Montsalvat. Since 2001 more than eighty artists have been in residence at Laughing Waters in Birrarung House and Riverbend. Their experiences and art making are woven together with Wurundjeri, European and family histories to create an evocative account of a special place in a busy outer suburb of Melbourne.


Nillumbik Shire Council

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Greensborough, Vic.

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Laughing Waters (Eltham, Vic.)

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Artist colonies

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Eltham (Vic.)



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LIB 054957

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709.9451 WOO

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