Programme of celebrations: during the visit of their royal highnesses the Duke a...


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Programme of celebrations: during the visit of their royal highnesses the Duke and Duchess of Cornwall and York; for the opening of the first parliament of the commonwealth of Australia

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A programme of events from 6 to 16 May including maps and photographs of venues.
Photographic portraits of
-the Celebrations Committee and staff;
the royal visitors'
-the Governor-general and his wife;
-the Lieutenant-general and his wife;
-the Press Club Committee.
Details of events are also provided for example fireworks displays including numbers of fireworks required for each stage. Details if concerts with illustrations by Norman Lindsay. A page of notes for the public warning of the dangers of pickpockets, electric light wires, crushing; traffic arrangements.


27 x 21 cm

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Australia. Parliament

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Royal visitors


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VF 017738

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