Colin Ferguson Macdonald scrapbooks.; MacDonald, Dr Colin Ferguson; MS 001811.01...


Royal Historical Society of Victoria (RHSV)


Colin Ferguson Macdonald scrapbooks.

About this object

MS 001811.01 (Box F025): Scrapbook of articles and paraphenalia revolving around universities, (mostly University of Melbourne and Scotch college), collected by Colin Macdonald, dated 1946-1967.
MS 001811.02 (Box F025): Scrapbook of Paraphenalia from RHSV, 1960-1968.
MS 001811.03 (Box F026): Research for projects relating to Scottish-Australian figures and paraphernalia from the Clan Macdonald Society of Victoria, 1934-1969.
MS 001811.04 (Box F027): Invitations to Dr Colin Macdonald and correspondence from colleagues on lectures, 1947-1969.
MS 001811.05 (Box F027. Has pink label saying ‘Folder 3’): Consists of mostly newspaper and medical journal articles relating to medicine, use of language and other educational issues.
MS 001811.06 (Box F028. Pink label says ‘Folder 2’): Mostly photo’s of Colin MacDonald and friends at several social gatherings.
MS 001811.07 (Box F028): Various paraphernalia relating to RHSV, University of Melbourne, Melbourne Cricket Club, and other aspects of Colin Macdonald’s life.


MacDonald, Colin Ferguson, Dr

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Melbourne, Vic.

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Macdonald, Colin Ferguson, 1895-1969

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Royal Historical Society of Victoria (RHSV)

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Royal Women's Hospital

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University of Melbourne

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Ormond College

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MS 001811.01-07

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All rights reserved


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