Statement of general average per the S.S. 'Paroo', ... from Sydney to West Austr...


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Statement of general average per the S.S. 'Paroo', ... from Sydney to West Australian ports... (Brisbane, R. S. Hewes & Co., 1903).

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A description of the short-lived voyage and the damage sustained as a result of being stranded on Lonsdale Reef, 8th April, 1902. Includes reports from the surveyor, Alexander McGowan; disbursements; manifest of cargo - contributory value of each interest; list of deposits; apportionment of general average; and a summary of balances due to claimants and consignees and final balance.,NOTE: The Master of the S.S. 'Paroo' on this voyage was J. B. S. Medley. The ship sailed under the auspices of the Australasian United Steam Navigation Company Limited. Keywords: Medley, J. B. S.,McGowan, Alexander,Bulcock, W.,Australasian United Steam Navigation Company Limited,Lonsdale Reef,Ships and shipping, cargo,'Paroo' (ship)


Bulcock, W.


1 v. bound, 90 p. printed.


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MS 014209 .1 (f 368 .014 AUS)

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