A. C. Macdonald : sundry papers and pamphlets, Vol V (Scrapbook) ; Macdonald, ...


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A. C. Macdonald : sundry papers and pamphlets, Vol V (Scrapbook)

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Transferred to Restricted Book Collection,Scrapbook [titled on spine: 'Sundry Papers, Volume V'], the items in which are dated mostly around the 1880s and 1900s, together with a contemporary index.,The papers include handwritten notes, letters, a facsimile of a proposed settlement in New South Wales in 1785, manuscript music, diagrams of silver mines at Silverton, and copies of two letters regarding Matthew Flinders and John Batman's Port Phillip expeditions.,Volume also includes a copy of 'The Tatler' (1898) in which are photographs and brief biographies of '100 Pioneers of Victoria'. (A separate contemporary index is held in the front of the book.) This item should be compared to 'The explorers and early colonists of Victoria; photographs of '713 people with accompanying list of their names and arrival dates' (T.F. Chuck) held at P-740.1-Pe. The various items contained in this volume are catalogued separately.


Macdonald, Alexander Cameron, 1828-1917


1v. bd., printed newspaper cuttings, music, and ms.

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Macdonald, Alexander Cameron

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The Tatler

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MS 000985 (LIB 005941) (X 919 .45 MAC)

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