Isabella Scott Diary of a Voyage to Melbourne (1852); Scott, Isabella; MS 001077...


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Isabella Scott Diary of a Voyage to Melbourne (1852)

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Diary written by Isabella Scott during a voyage to Melbourne, Australia on the 'Lord Delaval' dated 6 November 1852 to 28 January 1853.

She describes the events of the voyage.

A covering statement from Joan Shell, copyright holder, gives details of descendants.

Names and subjects mentioned in the text include: Canary Islands; Cape Verde Islands; Mrs. Annie Churcher; Miss Heney; Agnes Hogarth; Sailors; Isabella Scott; the Shanks family and David Shanks; James and Thomas Henry Whitworth; Samuel Jackson Young; and Tottie Young

NOTE: Original diary in State Library of Victoria: MS 11586.


Scott, Isabella


29p. typescript, pc., and covering note pc.

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Scott, Isabella

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Lord Delaval (Ship)

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Emigration and immigration


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MS 001077 (Box 022-11)

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