Station daybook, 1861-1867 of North Queensland properties; Carson, John, -1908.;...


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Station daybook, 1861-1867 of North Queensland properties

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Record of daily events and accounts of Northern Queensland sheepruns established by John Carson, his son David Carson, James Sutherland, William Kirk, John Ranken, N. Buchanan and others. This daybook was found at 'Clutha', Studley Park Road, Kew, in Dec. 1939.

Includes brief description of runs, a list of I.O.U.'s and other miscellaneous details.

Reference is made to Avon Downs, Fort Cooper, Suttor Creek, Bowen River Country and the Upper Flinders District.

NOTE: John Carson arrived in Melbourne in 1842 and built 'Clutha' in Kew in 1856. David Carson sailed to Brisbane in 1863 and established runs at Walker Creek and the Barkly Tableland.

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Carson, John, -1908.


1 v. bound, 122 pp. original ms

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Carson, John (-1908)

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Pastoral runs Queensland

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Avon Downs (Qld) (Pastoral run)


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MS 014746 (Box 010-2)

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