Statement of general average and of apportionment of net proceeds of damaged car...


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Statement of general average and of apportionment of net proceeds of damaged cargo per ship 'Canada', Captain Alexander Laverick, from London bound to Melbourne (Melbourne, Mason, Firth & McCutcheon, 1876)

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The 'Canada' sailed on the 28 February, 1875; this account includes reference to damage and repairs of the ship, extracts from surveys, abandonment of the ship, disbursements, charges on the cargo, apportionment of special charges on cargo repaired, account of cargo shipped forwarded and delivered, apportionment of the general average, account of sales of cargo damaged and sold by auction at Mauritius and a summary. The agents for the Canada were MacFarlan, Blyth & Co. Keywords: ships and shipping, cargo,


Moore, John Henry


1 v. bound, 92 p. lithographed.

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Laverick, Alexander

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Moore, John Henry

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MacFarlan, Blyth & Co.

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Canada (Ship)

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Voyages to Australia


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