Trip to Mildura, 1894; Thiele, Frederick; and,Polich, John; MS 001014 (Box 235-1...


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Trip to Mildura, 1894

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A personal account of a visit to the Mildura region by the author, Frederick Thiele, and delegates from the Doncaster fruit-growing area in 1894. The party travelled by train to Swan Hill, thence by boat to Mildura, observing details of bird and animal life along the way. During their Mildura stay, the party visited many holdings and noted methods of pruning and agriculture. Mention is made of the climate and that Mildura at this time was a temperance settlement without hotels.,This item was submitted to the RHSV in June 1988 by Prof. John Polich, San Diego University and contains his introduction as well as a copy of Thiele's manuscript. A second copy was received as part of the Swift Collection donation. Keywords: Insect Pest Bill','The Pearl' (riverboat),Braithwaite, Mr, President, Mildura Horticultural Society,Chaffey, Mr,Draper, C.,Lake Boga,Lake Charm,Maling, Mr,Mildura Horticultural Society,Mildura Orchestral Society,Murray River,Polich, John (Prof.),Ranfurley, [Lord],Reedy Lake,Smith, Mrs,Storrett, Mr,Thiele, Frederick,Mueller, Baron Sir Ferdinand Jakob Heinrich von,Williams, Mr W. S.


Thiele, Frederick; and,Polich, John


10pp typescript


Manuscripts Collection

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MS 001014 (Box 235-13)

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