Rivernook Guesthouse : visitors' book, 1895-1907; Rivernook Guest House (Port Ca...


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Rivernook Guesthouse : visitors' book, 1895-1907

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Visitors' book from Rivernook Guesthouse (1895-1907)

Includes several items regarding the Rivernook and Port Campbell area;

Christmas menu; postcard, photograph of guests (no date);

Newspaper cuttings with reference to wrecks of the ships 'Gabrielle' and 'Fiji'.


Rivernook Guest House (Port Campbell, Vic.)


1 v. bound, 296 p., original ms; pasted down and loose handwritten and printed items.

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Rivernook Guesthouse (Port Campbell, Vic.)

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Guest books

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Fiji (Ship)

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Gabrielle (Ship)

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Manuscripts Collection

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MS 000001 (Box 003-3)

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