Papers on the First Exhibition of Women's Work, 1907; Keep, Patricia; MS 000605 ...


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Papers on the First Exhibition of Women's Work, 1907

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Includes: copy of introduction from programme of the Opening Ceremony; list of office bearers; copy of a series of articles written by Mrs E. F. Allen (Vesta) for the 'Argus' describing the Exhibition in detail from 15th October to 2nd December, 1907, details of creche facilities, preparations, costs, exhibits and demonstrations, overseas contributions and overall achievements of the Exhibition.


Keep, Patricia


1 v. bound, typescript.

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Allen, E.F.

Subject and Association Keywords

Domestic service

Subject and Association Keywords

Henderson, Patricia

Subject and Association Keywords

Women, employment

Subject and Association Keywords


Subject and Association Keywords

Australian Exhibition of Women's Work (1st : 1907 : Melbourne, Vic.)


Manuscripts Collection

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MS 000605 (Box 150-19)

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