A visit to the mission station Ramahyuck, at Lake Wellington, Gippsland (Victori...


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A visit to the mission station Ramahyuck, at Lake Wellington, Gippsland (Victoria)

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This translation, probably from German, describes a visit at Christmas 1881 by train from Melbourne to Sale to stay with the Revd F. A. Hagenauer and his wife.,He comments on the difficulties of succeeding as emigrants without substantial capital with Austrian emigrants in mind. Description of Gippsland forest and the mission buildings and site on the Avon River, 2000 acres; compares the previous lifestyle of the Aboriginal Australians to their present situation - only 100 left on the mission, a dying race; reports on a battle averted by Hagenauer between Murray tribes and local Aboriginal Australians at an earlier period at Maffra; is interested in the birdlife of the area, citing white cockatoos, black swans, parrots and ducks. A river trip is taken to Mount Wellington, led by Mr Peters to visit Mr Baum, included the sighting of a platypus, apparently common particularly in the Perry River.


Barfus, Franz


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Aboriginal Australians -- Missions

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Barfus, Franz

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Baum, Mr

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Gippsland (Vic.)

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Hagenauer, F.A.

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Lake Wellington

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Maffra (Vic.)

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Peters, Mr


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