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The New Zealand Museum of the Everyday (MOE) explores and celebrates the crafted and manufactured history of the New Zealand domestic interior.

Objects are material records of history. Made at a certain time and place, they embody the values of the people who made them, and the ways of life of the people who used them. Travelling through time, they collect traces of all the individuals who come into contact with them, and the situations and locations they have inhabited, resulting in an old object that has many different ‘biographies’. And surviving in our time, these objects take on new identities: sometimes nostalgic, sometimes playful, sometimes surprising or puzzling, sometimes shocking or even offensive.

The MOE is dedicated to all these stories, and the various glimpses that objects provide: of industry and commerce, of art and craft, of changing social patterns and ideas of taste and beauty, of the desires and ambitions and beliefs of New Zealanders from different classes and communities.

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