Massie System Wireless Station, PJ; Walter Wentworth Massie; 1907


New England Wireless & Steam Museum


Massie System Wireless Station, PJ

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Wireless communication began about 1900. The first application was marine communications and this called for wireless telegraph stations on the shore. An excellent example of one of the earliest coast stations is PJ at The New England Wireless and Steam Museum.

PJ, for Point Judith, RI, (south west of Newport) mainly served passenger steamboats traveling between New York City and New England cities. PJ was built by Walter Wentworth Massie who was a contemporary of Marconi's. By a fortuitous combination of circumstances PJ's 1907 building is unaltered and still contains its original equipment in working order.

PJ was moved to the New England Wireless and Steam Museum in 1983 to avoid demolition. It is an important part of the museum which is devoted to teaching engineering history. In the museum's collection there is also much century old documentation of The Massie Wireless Telegraph Company. PJ shows the beginning of today's vast telecommunication/information complex. All Radio, TV, Sat Comm., Cell Phone, FAX, in short the information/communication industry grew from wireless stations such as PJ.

The Massie Station's historic value is enormous and it is now listed in the National Register of Historic Places.

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Walter Wentworth Massie

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Point Judith, Rhode Island

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Wireless station

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