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Christmas Decorations

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Christmas decorations in a cardboard box. Part 1 is a green cardboard Pelaco shirt box and lid. Part 2 is a set of three carol singers, two girls and one boy in painted plaster. Part 3 is a candle in the shape of a red-clad angel kneeling on a letter E. Part 4 is a ribbon rosette and blue plastic butterfly with shredded cellophane in a lidded celluloid box. Part 5 is a white china dish in the shape of a Christmas tree with a red Christmas tree design and gold dots around the edge. Part 6 consists of two traveller's toiletry sets comprising comb, nylons dryer and soap container made of plastic, one blue and one green, with instruction sheet, mounted on cardboard backing in cellophane bags, one open and the other sealed. Part 7 is a length of green tinsel. Part 8 is a plastic Christmas tree branch in brown and green with a short length of gold tinsel attached. Part 9 consists of three identical silver-painted plastic Japanese maple branches with steel wire reinforcement [can't find 8/7/2013].

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On box "Pelaco / SHIRTS" and " It is indeed a lovely shirt, sir!" many times. On base of part 5: "MAXWELL / WILLIAMS / DESIGNER HOMEWARES / Christmas Party / first quality porcelain dishwasher safe". Part 6 on plastic packaging: "Seasons Greetings".


Part 1: L 360 x W 220 x D 140. Part 2: (3 items) - H 110 x W 55 x D 38. Part 3: H 105 x W 55 x D 23. Part 4: L 175 x W 90 x D 50. Part 5: - L 253 x W 215 x D 30. Part 6: L 225 x W 140 x D 30. Part 7: L 2000 x W 90. Part 8: L 300 x W 90 x D 50. Part 9: L 450 x W 120 x D 30.


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