Wachter, F.; CL 5079


City of Greater Dandenong


Wachter, F.

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Portrait; Bronze aluminium frame, glass, inscription on separate plastic plaque.

Medium and Materials

Black and White


31.0 cm x 23.5 cm (framed)

Subject and Association Description

Cr F. Wachter, Mayor 1967-8, City of Springvale

Wachter Fredrick (pp175, 230)
• In august 1957 a new East riding was created and Edney, Lees and Wachter were elected
• In 1970 at a public meeting Fred Wachter was elected to head a committee to develop a centre to look after profoundly handicapped children; ‘Urimbirra’ is an aboriginal word meaning to take care of. Wachter moved to buy land in Callander Road with a deposit from Council and promises of support from service clubs.
• The Wachter Reserve situated near the Parkmore Shopping Centre is named after Fred Wachter (Noble Park 1901-1983 Dawn Dickson pp26)

References –
A History of the City of Springvale
Constellation of Communities
G M Hibbins -


Civic Leaders Collection

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CL 5079

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