Leafgold Mangoes; 17.1526




Leafgold Mangoes

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This is Carmini Rantucci, which is one of the greatest Italian names I think I’ve encountered. Here Carmini is holding the second last lid in his possession since they have moved to a one-piece box. He kindly parted with this lid and I assured him it will be taken good care of!
When we arrived Carmini walked outside the packing shed and threw a piece of meat up in the air and this large eagle came past and swooped and grabbed it. It was amazing. Not many people have asked Carmini to pose with his fruit carton which may explain the look on his face...


Unlimited edition

Portfolio Title


Style and Iconography

Text & fruit design


Flexographic / Potato Print


Unknown Maker

Object Type

Cardboard fruit carton lid

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All rights reserved

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