Illuminated Address presented to Captain Henry Jackson; c 1910; S/I005 (003)


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Illuminated Address presented to Captain Henry Jackson

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This hand drawn and coloured poster style illuminated address with photographs was given to Captain Henry Jackson [1837-1913] in 1910 on his retirement from the North Coast Steam Navigation Company Ltd. The address is worded ‘…we the undersigned fellow employees and old comrades beg you to accept this small token of esteem upon your retirement from active service…’ evidencing the high regard in which Henry Jackson was held by his employer and colleagues. There are 42 signatories to the address.

The practice of presenting illuminated addresses to mark special occasions or celebrate achievements was most common in the late 19th and early 20th centuries. Usually such addresses were presented to those in public office or professions, such as doctors, lawyers, judges etc. An illuminated address presented to a ship’s captain appears to be rare.

A lot of thought and effort went into the creation of illuminated addresses, each one a unique work of art, as is the case for this one which includes a photograph of Captain Jackson and the Tomki one of the many ships he captained.

Henry Jackson’s maritime career spanned over 50 years including serving with the Clarence and Richmond River Steam Navigation Company and after its merger with the John See Co, the North Coast Steam Navigation Company. Jackson was remembered as a cautious and conscientious officer with two strandings of the Tomki on the Richmond River bar the only mishaps in his long career. It was also reported that he was very popular with the travelling public.

Many ship captains were remembered not for what they did right, that is the number of successful journeys they made, but for what they did wrong, such as navigational mishaps leading to ship wrecks, loss of cargo and sometimes loss of lives. It appears that like this illuminated address Captain Henry Jackson was one of a kind.

Garry Munday & Debbie Sommers
7 July 2014

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c 1910

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S/I005 (003)

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All rights reserved

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