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Souvenir Salt Shaker

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“North Haven is praised, so far and so wide, for catching large fish, if you catch the right tide” Melba Scott, age 11, 1937

This kitsch lustre-ware fish shaped small salt shaker with hand printed message in a naïve style was made in Japan and is a souvenir of North Haven. Designed to capture the essence of the area, this souvenir was firmly aimed at those who tried their hand at fishing during their holiday to the Camden Haven area.

Souvenirs like this one were common to most towns in Australia after World War II, usually featuring a scene from the towns’ locality or some other detail that related to the town in which they were to be sold. In this case North Haven was known as a recreational fishing spot and the shaker’s fish shape was specific to the town.

Probably sold as a matching set, the pepper shaker companion piece is missing. This shaker reflects the type and style of souvenir ware sold in the local area during the late 1950s and perhaps also once reflected its purchaser’s delight at catching a fish.

By the 1960s, with increasing car ownership and improved road access, tourism to lesser known places such as North Haven was growing. The shaker evidences North Haven as a tourist location and the special place it continues to be for amateur fishing and other water based holiday activities.

Phillip Bowman
10 October 2014

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