Souvenir Dish and Jug with Laurieton River Scene; 1954; CH2 & CH3


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Souvenir Dish and Jug with Laurieton River Scene

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These Japanese made ‘opaline glazed’ souvenir china dish and jug feature transfer pictures of the first motorized Laurieton Punt to Dunbogan with the Dunbogan side in the background. Souvenirs of this type were likely mass produced and then smaller quantities were picture transferred for sale to tourists and holiday makers visiting the Camden Haven area.

Souvenirs of this type usually feature picturesque and notable or cultural landmarks of the town and this is certainly the case with this dish and jug. The punt would have been a major point of visual interest in Laurieton at the time and the river scene depicted on the souvenir ware an attractive reminder of a visit to Laurieton. Perhaps the souvenir ware was purchased after a trip on the motorized punt to Dunbogan and a visit to the seaside.

Before the area was bridged, boats, ferries and punts were used to transport people and vehicles across the Camden Haven River. The first ferry was installed in June 1896. It was only a small ferry, and was put on to replace the use of small boats due to the population growth of Dunbogan. According to reports it was hand pulled and had capacity to transport a few people and a car or two on each trip.

From the 1930s there was much agitation for another ferry however nothing happened until 1949, when the original ferry was motorized. By the late 1950s a new ferry was in operation, carrying up to six vehicles and the first ferry was retained for use in emergencies or when the regular ferry was up for repairs or out of commission. In 1966 the Laurieton-Dunbogan Bridge was built and the ferry made its last journey at the bridge opening celebrations on 10 December 1966.

This dish and jug souvenir ware appear to be rare surviving souvenirs of Laurieton and the Camden Haven River from the 1950s and evidence the Laurieton-Dunbogan punt that once operated connecting Laurieton township to Dunbogan and the sea. They are reminders of our desire to take a holiday souvenir home with us and china with transfer pictures was particularly popular amongst holiday makers without cameras.

Phillip Bowman
10 October 2014

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