Butter Churn; Waugh & Josephson; 500/001


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Butter Churn

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Hand operated box concussion type butter churn, floor mounted, made from timber with cast iron fixtures.

The main box body is attached to a wooden trestle frame - two A-frame stand ends supported by horizontal cross beams. At the front / top of the box is a square opening covered by a square lid originally held in place by a cast iron bar. A cast iron crank handle is fixed to one side to manually rotate the box. There is a brass tap in the centre of one edge.


Waugh & Josephson

Maker Role


Place Made

Sydney, NSW Australia

Medium and Materials

cast iron

Subject and Association Keywords

Dairy Industry

Subject and Association Keywords


Subject and Association Keywords


Subject and Association Description

CHURNS: Butter churns were used to produce butter by the violent irritation of inserted cream. This motion causes the fat globules to coagulate and the cream solidify. This model was worked by the rapid rotation of the box by a hand crank located on the side. The box sat upright on its stand, unlike other similar models of concussion churns which were held in a tilted position.

WAUGH & JOSEPHSON: In 1912 the address of the company was 342-346 Sussex Street, Sydney. The firm supplied a large number of machines and utensils in use in the dairy industry. They sold dairy boilers (from at least 1912), butter churns, coolers, cream pumps, pasteurisers, milking machines and their components, milk vats, milk and cream cans, cheese presses, cheese agitators and refrigerating machinery.

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