Letter with envelope; Cicilie Yoshpe; 3 March 1919; 000/196q

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Moruya and District Historical Society Museum


Letter with envelope

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Personal letter from Cicilie Yosfoe to Sapper HF (Fred) Hutchings.
The letter, which is written in a friendly, affectionate tone, on a sheet of single lined paper that has been folded in half to resemble a book.
The first page of the letter is written on the 'front cover'; pages 2 and 3 are inside the book, while page 4 is on the 'back cover'.
The envelope, which has been forwarded a number of times, show the bases where Sapper Hutchings may have been posted.


Jaffa 3. III. 19. Tell Avive

My dear friend!
It is a spledide day to-day with lovely sunshine, the birds are singing joyfully and the trees are looking nice fraish and smiling. I am now already four weeks at Jaffa, and the time passed only to quickly. We receive many visitors, and I became acquainted with a good deal of interesting persons. But I will tell you the truth of mine mind, that the

[Second Page]
best boys that I have ever met in my life were the Australian. I would like to go to Australia, I would like to see the country that produces such interesting people. But, man proposes, and God disposes. Who knows what the future holds in store for us? Well, nevermind! hope for the best!
I am enjoyed that war has ended, so now all days yet to come shall find its reward in glorious reality. –
Before going to Jaffa I had nice dresses made and therefore, I was de-

[Third Page]:
lighted to show them here to all my friends. I called upon several familiers every evening and you may imagine how pleased every lady was to see me and my new dresses!...
But, sorry to say the girls are jealous, the boys are kind, and I was happy…
I see, you are smiling and you repeat again, the old saying: “Vanity incomparable!...” Well, what do you want? “Our cleverness is in our beauty, and your beauty is in your cleverness!”
So, this will suffise you for the present. I am

[Fourth Page]:
sorry, I can’t tell you “farewell” face to face but I hope to say “Goodbye” in Australia.
Cheer up!
Your very sincerely
Cecilie Jospe

Will you please give me your photographe?

Our people wishes to be remembered to you. Have you letters from Herbert? I had no letters for a long time XX poor boy has a bad back.


Cicilie Yoshpe

Maker Role


Date Made

3 March 1919

Place Made

Jaffa, Tel Aviv

Place Notes

Jaffa is the southern and oldest part of Tel Aviv in what is now Israel.

Medium and Materials

lined paper: ink

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Hutchings family

Subject and Association Keywords

World War 1

Subject and Association Keywords

Fred Hutchings Collection

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World War 1 memorabilia

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World War 1

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