Letter; Earl Barnes; 27 August 1919; 000/196p


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This letter, written on lined paper, is one of a series of letters written by Earl Barnes (1876 - 1967) to Fred Hutchings (1888 -1976).
Barnes and Hutchings both fought as part of the 6th Light Horse Regiment in the Sinai. Their friendship continued after Fred Hutchings transferred to the 1st Field Squadron Engineers in June 1917.
Earl Barnes was a schoolteacher prior to enlistment. He returned to teaching following the war.
The letter recounts the experience of "coming home' from war.


Triangle Flat

Dear Hutch,
Your brief note to hand by last mail. Pleased indeed to hear from you if it was a stiff & formal sort & had reference to matters the bottom of which I was unable to fathom. You will be delighted to know that your belongings from A to Z have accompanied me throughout the long & trying time of a five-weeks cruise of the seas between Suez & Sydney. You can let me know when you are returning & I’ll use my utmost endeavours to see you & to shake you warmly by the hand. We had a great reception from start to finish & indeed I am still getting them in various parts of the State where I lived & worked & had my being.
All such things as this await you on your return. Nothing of your kit is examined on the way or before you leave or when you land. We kept our full kit with us under our eyes from the time we left hospital. No inspection,

[in left margin]:
We landed at Colombo – 3 days – Leave granted one day. Albany, Adelaide & Melbourne
At the latter three places we did not stay more than a few hours, & of course was not allowed off the boat. You can get rid of Turkish belt buckles on the boat at a profit. I saw one chap get £6-10 for a German saw-backed

[in top margin]:
bayonet & another chap got £5 for a Bedouin Knife (Sheath). But I regarded the chap who bought these as a crank.
I forget which address I gave you but 15 Napier Street Petersham, will find me quick as any.
Best love
Old man
Yours always
E. Barnes

[Back of page]:
4. 8. 16 (note: this date may be significant in relation to the cartridge mentioned below)

Again P.S. My brother handed me your Sinai bullet, or rather cartridge.
He said he forgot the address you gave him for you. I have it with me.

Forgot to mention that I received a nice letter from your friend Miss Yoshpe of Dirau. I’ll show you when you return



Earl Barnes

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27 August 1919

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Triangle Flat, Rockley NSW

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lined paper: ink

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World War 1

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Hutchings family

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Fred Hutchings Collection

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Earl Barnes

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Donated by Phillip Hutchings

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World War 1 memorabilia

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