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Warwick Deeping was a best-selling novelist in both Europe and America in the 1920s and 1930s.

Set in post-1918, rural Sussex, the story revolves around a girl with aspirations to leave her small town, as well as her relationship with a man living on a local acreage, known as the Doomsday Farm.

The 1927 bestseller begins:

"Someone had asked Mary Viner as a child why she so disliked going to school, and had received the pregnant reply: 'Cos one does the same thing every day; and at the age of three-and-twenty Mary was still resenting repetition. Only more so, because life had become more busily full of it, a circus of dreary tidyings and cleanlinesses, of washings up and washings down, of moments that smelt of yellow soap, and tea leaves and paraffin.

The themes of boredom and longing for something different must have really resonated with many young women of the time.


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Warwick Deeping

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